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You wanna get out of here?? he asked. I tilted my head to the side in confusion, ?What?? ?Let me get you out of here, let?s go walk? he whispered grabbing my hand. ?But Justin...? I started. ?NO BUTS!? he smiled, pulling me to my feet. Eddy peeked his head through the little bussing window, ?Go baby doll, I got this.? I looked back to Justin and nodded, ?Okay, let me change.? He smiled and let go, letting me run to the back room to get out of this pastel monstrosity they called a uniform. Coming back out I let my fingers brush against my little white sundress. Leaning against the door frame at the front was a smiling angel. ?Are you ready?? he asked. I took in a shaky deep breath. What in the hell was I getting myself into. Running off in the middle of the night with the most popular teen heart throb in the world? Yeah, sounds about right. He propped open the door as I walked through it and we silently ambled through the streets, right up to the deserted beach. ?Wanna walk in the water?? he asked. I shrugged, ?I don't know, it might be cold, what if I get sick?? He shook his head and pulled off his shoes before grabbing me and dragging me to the water. As the tide came in the water lapped at my toes, surprisingly warm. ?You going to die?? he laughed. I smacked his arm, ?No.?

?I think I'm making a rebel out of you darling? he laughed. I looked up from beside him, straight at his face. ?Maybe it's for the best?? I asked. He smiled, ?I think so.? I took a few steps out of the water and plopped my but down in the sand. He came to sit by my side, setting his supras beside him. ?What are we doing?? I asked. He looked out at the water, ?I was thinking the same thing?I don't even know you and I told you ever secret I have ever held.? I smacked myself for what I was about to say, but said it anyway. ?Maybe this is a risk I'm willing to take? I questioned myself. ?I like you? he whispered. I looked over at him, stunned. ?You do?? I asked. He reached an arm out and wrapped around my waist for the first time. ?I'm leaving on tour tomorrow morning? he stated. My heart sunk. This couldn?t be over before it even began. ?Come with me?? he asked. Well, he implied that I had too, in a question. I knew this was fast. I knew this was crazy. But there was this little piece of me that told my brain and my heart to work together. That this chance was the only one I would ever get. To be something I might never be. ?Leave everything behind?? I asked. He turned to me, taking my hands in his. ?You feel this, don't you?? he asked. ?Talking to you in that diner brought back a piece of normal that I craved. You?re the only person who has ever understood. Just listened when I needed them? he said smiling. ?But what will people say?? I asked. He looked at me honestly, ?You?re the best thing that's ever been mine.?


Kenny Hamiliton / ollg


Justin Bieber hadde en hemmelig konsert i london, på den konserten hadde Justin plukket opp en helt tilfeldig jente for å ha henne som hans ollg.
Hun er 9 år gammel og heter noe med Lisa, hun fikk roser av Justin Bieber og Justin Bieber sang one less lonely girl for henne.
Kenny Hamiliton har sluttet med å være Justin Biebers Guard og Justin har bare Moshe igjen! 
Moshe er bare careface og kenny var mer glad i oss beliebers. 
For vi hører ganske lite om Moshe og det er fordi han er careface mot oss beliebers. 
We miss you Kenny er nå trend på twitter. 
Håper Kenny kommer tilbake til Justin!


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Del 1
En Justin Bieber Historie
A Justin Bieber fanfiction

Ordinary girl
tapped my pencil of my little notepad of paper. I was patiently waiting for this arguing couple to choose what they wanted to eat so I could get back to my crossword puzzle. Being 2am in Atlanta Georgia, the last thing I wanted to do was be waiting tables in a little resturant. Sadly, I was stuck here until my luck changed. The tiny bell above the door dinged and I called without looking up, ?I?ll be with you in a minute, sit wherever you?d like.? The lady in front of me screamed. Turning to me she plastered a fake, smile on her face, ?I'm sorry , but we need to go.? I nodded and watched as my tip walked out the door in a cute floral skirt, her unwilling husband following behind. They reminded me of my parents when I was little, and how my dad was hopelessly in love with my mom. Even though they fought all the time. I heard a light clearing of someone?s throat and it brought me back to Earth. Turning on my heal I walked in the direction of a row of booths on the side. I walked up to the table occupied by a brown haired head and brought my pencil to the pad. ?What can I get you?? I asked. He looked up and I almost choked. Not of course because he looked like complete crap, but because sitting before me was the one and only Justin Bieber.

He wiped away a few tears trickling down his cheeks before asking for water. ?Sure ? I answered putting my supplies away before walking over to the fountain. Why was he here? And alone at that? Taking the glass I walked back over to his table setting it down. ?Thanks? he whispered. I nodded and watched as he sipped at it, staring at the table again. I knew I should be doing this, but I sighed and looked around. Seeing as I was alone, I sat down right there with him. ?You look like you need more than a water Mr.Bieber? I spoke softly. He looked up at me smiling slightly, ?Only if you want to listen.? I smiled, ?If I didn?t, I wouldn?t have offered.? He nodded and then took another drink. ?Isn?t it your birthday?? I asked. He laughed quietly, ?Yeah.? ?Why aren?t you at so fancy party?? I asked. He looked down at his hands, suddenly interested in his fingers while he spoke, ?I went out for air and ended up walking here.? I nodded, ?So tell me everything.? He looked up eyeing me wearily. Pshh. As if he couldn?t trust some random chick at a 24 hour diner at 2 am in the middle of Atlanta. I could sense that he trusted me somewhat. ?Can I start from the beginning?? he asked. ?Sure thing? I smiled. He nodded and started, ?I left a small town and never looked back.? I nodded, being familiar with his story. He continued with the story for quite some time. Telling me every little detail that he could think of. I ended up asking Eddy, the cook, for some fries and two chocolate shakes so we had a snack while I listened. That's all I did too, for quite a few hours.

?I mean selana just ripped my heart out. I'm starting to wonder why we bother with love if it never lasts? he breathed. I sighed, ?You just haven?t found the right person Justin.? ?Natalie I don't understand? he laughed. ?Well sometimes you don't? I smiled. He shrugged. Sitting here, with Justin Bieber, talking to him like a normal person, was the most amazing feeling I had ever possessed. I was beginning to think that anything was possible. ?At least you?ve experienced love, I'm afraid of falling? I whispered. He leaned forward, ?You mean to tell me that a beautiful girl like yourself has NEVER been in love?? I leaned down sheepishly, my hair falling in front of my face. ?Yeah? I whispered. A finger found my chin, lifting my face to be level with his. ?You need to take some risks Natalie? he whispered. I sat there and stared at him. This boy, even at his weakest, was flawless. I smiled, seeing a sparkle in his eye. ?I just might? I said.


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Justin Bieber believe album - all songs preview

  • Dette er Justin Bieber sin album som skal komme ut, dette her er bare rekkefølgen og hvilke sanger som skal være med i albumet believe. 

    - JDBslovers <3 


Min store opplevelse.

30.juni-2012  var den dagen Justin Bieber hadde en gratis konsert her i norge på opraen fra 9 til halv 10. 
29.juni-2012 er den dagen Justin Bieber landet her i norge jeg ble helt gal men fikk ikke lov til å dra ut til byen og når jeg leste vg på nettet så stod det at Justin Bieber skulle ha gratis konsert mellom 16 og 18 tiden, jeg ble utrolig glad tårene rant og jeg fikk absolutt ikke sove pga glede!

Jeg fikk sove i en time og klokken 5 ringte mobil alarmen jeg var sykt trøtt men sto likevel opp for Justin, jeg gjorde meg klar og dro med engang!
Jeg hadde ikke spist noe før jeg dro og tok heller ikke med penger for å kjøpe mat for tankene mine var bare av Justin.
Jeg dro til opraen og kom dit klokken 6 om morgen, jeg kjente ingen som var der så jeg måtte stå der som loner og vente på noen veninner av meg og de kom ikke før 9 tiden eller noe. Når veninnene mine kom så fant vi oss en plass den var ikke så god men så var det en dame som spurte om vi ville bli filmet og da gikk alle etter henne for å bli filmet, etter vi ble filmet så fant vi en utrolig bra plass, der koste vi oss helt til de vaktene kom og sa at vi måtte flytte oss bakover.. Akkurat der ble jeg irritert for vi fikk en kjempe dårlig plass der stod vi og ble most. så måtte fikk vi beskjed om at Justin ikke skulle komme før halv 10 og da måtte venninene mine gå siden klokken var 17 osv.. Jeg stod heldigvis med noen jeg hadde blitt kjent med men ble most og klarte nesten ikke å puste så jeg gikk oppover, der fikk jeg bra utsikt til scenen og mer plass! 

Etterhvert ble jeg kjempe tørst og fikk høre at de delte ut vann gratis, jeg gikk ned for å hente vann men da jeg fyllte på vann så var det over 100 mennesker som snek seg inn og det gjorde at politiet stengte oss andre som henta vann ute, Jeg ble sinnsykt forbanna og sølte bitte litt vann på politiet men han prøvde å helle vann tilbake så jeg kasta all vannet og tilslutt koppen så var det en som var inne og sa at noen skulle dytte gjerdet men hun ble kastet ut. så dyttet vi gjerdet sånn at vi kunne komme oss inn, politi mannen sa at det var greit så vi spurta inn. 

klokken ble 7 og jeg var tørst, sulten og trøtt men måtte holde ut for å se Justin Bieber med mine egne øyne og høre han med mine ører. Jeg trodde alle båtene som kom bak scenen var Justin Bieber men han kom ikke før klokken 9!! Men før han kom så oppvarmet dj'en til Justin bieber seg og oss Beliebers, og det gjorde at jeg glemte all sulten og tørstheten, etterhvert nærmet det seg klokkem 9 og Justin Bieber var på scenen. OMG den følsen, jeg ble utrolig glad begynnte å hyl skrike og neste gråte!! 

Han kom ut til scenen og skreek '' whaat zaap Osloo'' og vi skrek!!
Han begynnte å synge
All around the world
As long as you love me 
Be all right
Never let you go
Never say never og Boyfriend! 

Jeg husker ikke rekke følgen men vet at det var de sangene han sang for alle oss Beliebers! 
Men før justin skulle synge Boyfriend så spurte han oss om noe.. Han spurte: Before i go can i ask you a question? Vi skrek og han spurte da: '' CAN I BE YOUR BOYFRIEND?'' Alle skrek igjen og jeg fikk tårer.. han begynnte å synge på Boyfriend og alle hyl skrek... også når han ble ferdig med sangen gikk han og satt i båten, det var utrolig mange båter der ute men jeg hadde ikke båt så jeg løp etter båten også mista jeg båten og dro hjem over! 

Jeg fikk abselutt ikke sove med tanke på at jeg hadde møtt min største idol, Justin Bieber!!! 
Dette var min store opplevelse og vil alltid bli bært oppi tankene mine. 

Konsert med Justin Bieber på en flytende scene ved Operaen i Oslo.


Brukeropplastet bilde

Justin Bieber holder kosert på Operataket i Oslo.

Justin Bieber performs live at the Opera House on May 30, 2012 in Oslo, Norway.

-Jdbslovers <3

Norwegian beliebers goes hard.

Vi i norge har jo flere Beliebers/fans enn England.
Alle vi beliebers her i norge er gale mennesker, vi gjør absolutt alt for å se vår kjære idol synge for oss i virkeliheten!
Det er vel en stor drøm for oss alle sammen. 

- JDBslovers <3 

23 millioner.

We made it Beliebers!!
Justin har nådd 23, milloner followers på twitter

Vi er alle kjempe stolte av at han har fått så mange followers på twitter. 
Nå mangler vi youtube, får han flere Beliebers som ser på videoene hans kan vi snart kalle han youtube kongen. 
Kom igjen Beliebers dette skal vi klare for vår søte Justin Bieber!


Velkommen til bloggen vår.


vi er 3 jenter som skal blogge her på denne bloggen. 
Her finner dere nyheter om Justin Bieber's hverdag, Har dere noen spørsmål dere ønsker å få svar på så er det bare å sende E-mail til oss! JDbeliebs@hotmail.com eller så kan dere skrive kommentarer. 
Vi skriver innlegg hvis vi skal svare på spørsmålene deres!

- JDBslovers!



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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Hey! Du er nå kommet til en Justin bieberblogg.På denne bloggen kan vi love deg de ferskeste nyhetene om Justin Drew Bieber(18).

Navn : Justin Bieber
Født : 1.mars 1994
Foreldre : Pattie Mallette og Jeremy Bieber